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Activist Naji Fateel from Jau Prison: Our Calls are Recorded, New System Violates Laws

2016-07-18 - 9:25 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Detained Human Rights activist, Naji Fateel, issued a statement over the situation of the detainees of Jau Prison in the aftermath of the new communications system adopted. Fateel said that the aforementioned system "violates the international treaties, conventions, and the Communications Authority system". He further stressed that under this system, "5 names are registered, along with their numbers, for each detainee", adding that all phone calls are recorded and therefore accessible to the authorities."

Bahrain Mirror was able to get hold of a copy issued by Fateel, in which he noted that "despite all the objections and rejections by the detainees in protest of this new system, the administration remained silent and deaf, as if it does not see any big problem faced by the detainees at Jau prison".


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He pointed out that the prison administration used deception, especially in buildings that witnessed protests, in order to promote for the new system. Also, the administration had promised some detainees to add 10 names and numbers to their list of contacts; however the detainees were surprised to find out that only 5 contacts were registered to their names.

Fateel declared his opposition to the new communication system, and called upon the families of the detainees in Jau prison to head to the following places to file a complaint of "forced disappearance" on behalf of each detainee: Special Investigation Unit, Prisoners' Rights Commission, the General Secretariat of Grievances, the National Foundation for Human Rights, Security Police Station of the Southern Region police station, and the Red Cross Association.

It is noteworthy that a number of prisoners and detainees refrained from contacting their families, in protest against the new communication system. Prisoners have reported that this system is intended to monitor phone calls by the national security apparatus, and criminal investigation unit, reform and rehabilitation center. They added that the project contains private information about the detainees, including personal numbers, contact names, in addition to the secret numbers that are given to detainees.

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