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Authorities Release Sheikh Sanqour, Prevent him from Preaching

2016-07-18 - 7:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities released Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, prominent Shia cleric and Imam of the largest Friday prayer, after he was interrogated over "inciting hatred against the regime and preaching without a license."

Sheikh Sanqour led Friday prayers on July 15, 2016 at the Imam Sadiq Mosque, where thousands of citizens joined the prayers. It is noteworthy hat the Friday prayers were brought to a halt for approximately 4 weeks after the authorities' oppressive measures against the Shiite majority in the country.

Lawyer Yousif Rabie said "Preacher of the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour was apprehended on Sunday (July 17, 2016) in Al-Budai center where he was summoned for interrogation. His lawyers were not allowed to attend the interrogation."

The Ministry of Justice announced a decision preventing Sanqour from preaching as well as Sheikh Ali Hmaidan.

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