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Court says Al-Wefaq Supported Violence and Called for Foreign Interference

2016-07-18 - 3:08 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Administrative Court issued a verdict to dissolve Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, the largest opposition party in the country.

In justifying this action, the court said, "The dissolved Al-Wefaq Society summoned foreign intervention in many situations; it called upon the international community to intervene and play an active role in the Bahrain issue as it has done with several issues in the region".

The court added that "The [Al-Wefaq] Society endorsed the practice of violence by posting images of terrorists carrying sharp objects, saying they are peaceful oppressed demonstrators, it also teamed up with  individuals who were convicted on charges of inciting hatred against the regime, calling for its overthrow, and insulting the judiciary and executive power".

In the finding of its verdict, the Administrative Court indicated, "Al-Wefaq deviated in exercising its political activity, to the extent that it incited violence and encouraged demonstrations and mass sit-ins that may lead to the eruption of sectarian conflicts in the country. In addition, it criticized the performance of state authorities - whether the executive, judicial or legislative - and thus involved flagrant hostility against planned constitutional rights".

Furthermore, the Court indicated, "The [Al-Wefaq] Society contested the legitimacy of the legislative authority when stating that "The Parliament's existence has no meaning, and there is rather no legitimacy in the existence of such a parliament", and that "the current government and parliament lack popular empowerment".

It is noted that a number of international reports documented the lack of independence of the Bahraini Judiciary, and its compliance with the orders of the political regime in the country.


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