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Detainee Akbar Ali in Danger: Cuffed and Beaten by Policemen in Solitary Confinement

2016-07-15 - 9:38 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): One of the prisoners held in Jaw Prison is in a very dire condition after being transferred to solitary confinement and subjected to torture daily, stated families of Jaw Prison detainees.

They confirmed that Akbar Ali (18 years old) from Bilad Al-Qadeem, sentenced to 64 years in prison, has been suffering from a poor psychological state since he was subjected to brutal torture by security forces following the March 10, 2015 incidents in Jaw Prison.

Reliable information states that a Yemeni policeman named Abdulmohsen (Bou Abdulaziz) along with a group of Jordanian policemen assigned to guard Jaw Prison brutally beat Akbar Ali. The source adds that Akbar is in a bad psychological condition. He was taken to the solitary confinement with his hands and legs cuffed.

Information indicated that Akbar Ali is in danger. He is being forcibly fed and beaten. He is not allowed to stand up, move or use the restroom. Detainees are urging all human rights organizations to take action and save Akbar.

Akbar Ali has passed through different phases of torture and was subjected to human rights abuses since his arrest. He was arrested when the February 14 uprising erupted and was released during the rally staged at the Lualua Roundabout. After the "national safety" period, he was wanted and pursued by the authorities for approximately 2 years until he was re-arrested in an ambush in Bilad Al-Qadeem. Following his arrest, he was subjected to repeated torture even after harsh sentences were issued against him. The specialized doctor neglected Akbar's condition and treatment, which worsened his health.

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