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Bahraini Authorities Release Ebrahim Sharif after One-Year Imprisonment

2016-07-11 - 8:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities released prominent opposition leader Ebrahim Sharif, after he had served a one-year prison term over charges of "inciting hatred against the regime."

The authorities arrested Sharif after the regime warned of an escalation of events amid security measures that the government continued to adopt since crushing the nationwide pro-democracy uprising in March 2011, which called for putting an end to the ruling Al Khalifa family's monopoly over power.

Sharif was released by a royal pardon on June 19, 2015, after spending four years behind bars over his role in the movement calling for political reforms, to be rearrested only weeks later.

The senior opposition leader awaits the appeals court verdict to be issued next October.

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