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SIU Received 24 Complaints of Torture, Maltreatment & Excessive Use of Force in June

2016-07-06 - 3:55 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Deputy Chairman of Bahrain's Special Investigation Unit (SIU), Mohammed Khalid Al-Hazza, said on Monday (July 4, 2016) that the unit received 24 complaints in June, which included complaints of alleged torture, maltreatment, and excessive use of force, committed by public security service men. "The SIU has taken action by investigating all the complaints," he added.

The SIU has listened in the past month to the testimonies of 14 victims and witnesses and questioned 10 suspects from the public security forces.

Within the framework of following the cases referred to the court, the third high criminal court, as a court of appeals, issued its verdict on June 9, 2016 regarding the appeal submitted by the SIU of a sentence acquitting a policeman of the charge of assaulting the bodily integrity of others. The court accepted the appeal submitted by the unit, annulled the court of first instance's verdict and convicted the defendant.

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