Majeed Milad: I Won't Quit Political Activism, not Sorry for Spending 1 Year in Prison

2016-07-04 - 1:53 am

Bahrain Mirror: Majeed Milad, the Bahrain Capital Municipality former president, stressed that he will not quit political activism, stressing that Al-Wefaq is a "means" to practice his political work. Milad further noted that he is not sorry for the one full year he spent in prison.

Majeed Milad, who was released on Friday (July 1, 2016), after serving a one-year prison term over charges of inciting disobedience of the law, told Al-Wasat newspaper that it is too early to think about quitting political activism. He added that even after the court decided to suspend Al-Wefaq, I will carry on this work, stressing that the government does not prevent political work outside political societies.

He further stated that there is a law for political and civil rights that regulates political activism in Bahrain.

After his release, Majeed Milad posted on his personal Twitter account that he is not sorry for spending an entire year in prison, "close to Allah, as there is no good in lifetime spent in the path of Satan," he said.



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