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Public Persecution: Shrapnel Ripped through Fakhriya Msallam’s Car on Other Side of Road and Killed her

2016-07-03 - 5:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution said that it launched investigations after it was notified about what it claimed was a "terror bombing that took place near Nuwaidrat roundabout and left a woman dead."

The prosecution explained in a statement on Saturday (July 2, 2016) that after doubting the information published by the Ministry of Interior about the incident "the prosecution launched an instant inquiry in the aftermath of the blast and examined the crime scene and the victim's' car in the presence of forensic experts."

"Bomb shrapnel ripped through the head of the victim, as she was driving her car on the other side of the road, which caused her death. Three children who were with her in the car have also sustained injuries due the terrorist bomb explosion," it added.

The statement further read that "a study of the blast wave showed that the flying fragmentation shrapnel pierced the victim's car and damaged shops on the other side of the road. A coroner commissioned by the Public Prosecution conducted a post mortem on the victim and noted an irregularly-shaped wound caused by the shrapnel which pierced the head from left to right, leaving an exit injury."

"The Public Prosecution commissioned forensic lab and crime scene experts to examine samples collected from the site of the incident to determine the explosive type, power, range and components," according to the statement.

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