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AP: Bomb Blast Kills Woman, Injures Children in Bahrain

2016-07-01 - 7:40 p

Bahrain Mirror - AP: Police in Bahrain say a woman has been killed in an explosion south of the capital, Manama.

Police on Friday described the incident the previous day as a "terrorist bombing" in the village of Eker. The Bahraini woman's three children were injured in the blast, which struck their car.

An investigation is underway.

Bahrain has faced years of low-level violence, including occasional bomb attacks blamed on radical Shiite opposition groups following a 2011 uprising led by the country's majority Shiites against the Sunni monarchy.

The kingdom is home to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet. It has been intensifying a crackdown on political opponents and human rights activists in recent months.


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