State Agencies Confirm No Travel ban Imposed on Nazeeha Saeed, Authorities Once More Prevent her from Travelling

2016-07-01 - 8:10 am

Bahrain Mirror: Journalist Nazeeha Saeed said that she contacted a number of state agencies to learn the reason behind the travel ban imposed on her. They all denied; however,there is a travel ban issued against her.

"After contacting the Public Prosecution, Criminal Investigation Department and Passports and Residence Affairs department who confirmed that I am allowed to travel, I was prevented from travelling via the King Fahd Causeway. Who is the responsible for this decision?," she explained.

For its part, Reporters without Borders condemned preventing Saeed from travelling "without mentioning the reasons or identifying the authority responsible for this ban."



In the past few weeks, the Bahraini authorities have banned a number of activists from leaving the country and launched a crackdown against the opposition and the Shiite majority.



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