Authorities Prevent Journalist Nazeeha Saeed from Leaving Bahrain

2016-06-29 - 11:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini journalist Nazeeha Saeed, a France 24 and Radio Monte Carlo correspondent, said that the authorities in Bahrain's airport prevented her from travelling without giving any justifications.

"I was prevented from travelling from Bahrain's International Airport without any justifications," said Nazeeha on her personal Twitter account on Wednesday (June 29, 2016).

The authorities have recently imposed a travel ban on dozens of activists and launched a crackdown campaign against the opposition and Shiite majority in the country.

Doctor Taha Al-Dirazi complained about being banned from travelling as well. A national delegation was prevented recently from leaving the Gulf kingdom to Geneva in order to take part in the UNHRC session. Jalila Al-Salman was also not allowed to leave the country. Prominent human rights defender Abdulnabi Al-Ekri stated that a travel ban was imposed on him as well.



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