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Bahrain PM Vows to Continue “Firm and Decisive Anti-Terror Efforts”: There’s No Turning Back

2016-06-27 - 6:14 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has underlined the government's unwavering determination to "uproot terrorism and instigators," and ensure the security and stability of the kingdom.

He stressed that the measures taken recently have strengthened the unity among citizens who are keen on the country's interests, pledging continuous "firm and decisive anti-terror efforts."

"There is no turning back or leniency regarding terrorism," the Premier further stated in a meeting with a number of high-profile state officials as well as economic, academic, intellectual, cultural, press and media figures.

The PM noted that "plots are still being staged against Bahrain," adding that the Gulf kingdom has gained enough experience and is capable of thwarting them "thanks to its maturity and high awareness."

He further expressed regret over the acceptance of some to be "at the service of those who seek no good to their country, without being deterred by their religious restraint or patriotic feelings."

"Plots are still being staged against the countries and peoples of the region, and there are agents who are operating under various covers to serve the interests of external sides. We have to be cautious, be vigilant and take the necessary measures that preserve the security and stability of our countries and peoples," he said, stressing on "the need to deter whoever carries out conspiracies against the kingdom."

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