VIDEO: Bahraini Forces Besiege Imam Sadiq Mosque in Gofoul to Prevent Prayers

2016-06-23 - 7:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: Social media activists published footage showing Bahraini Interior Ministry vehicles surrounding the entrances leading to the Shiite Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Gofoul, with heavy security force presence in the area.

This move comes after news were circulated about holding a congregational prayer led by Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghouraifi. The official Twitter account of Al-Ghoraifi; however, denied calling for a central prayer.

The authorities threatened to prevent prayer from being held, considering it an act of "illegal assembly".

The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA), whose members are assigned by a decree issued by the King, attacked the Imams of mosques and groups of Shiite clerics for making calls to halt Friday and congregational prayers, following threats and the summoning of prominent Shiite clerics.

The Bahraini authorities stepped up their campaign against the country's opposition and Shiite majority after toughening the sentence against opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, re-arresting prominent human rights defender Nabeel Rajab, suspending Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society and dissolving the Enlightenment (Tawiya) and Risala religious societies.

This move was met with severe international criticism, particularly by the United States, Bahraini regime's major ally, the United Kingdom, France and the United Nations.

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