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After 4-Month Delay, US State Dept. Says Will Provide Report on Bahrain to Congress "Soon"

2016-06-07 - 10:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: The US Department of State said that it will provide its special report on the implementation of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry recommendations to the Congress as soon as possible, following a delay of over four months.

In response to a question, the Press Office Director, Elizabeth Trudeau, said that they are "continuing to work on it." "It's my understanding that the department right now has convening the group of experts to provide a thorough, accurate report derived from a variety of sources. We have a commitment, understanding that it is late, that we'll provide this report to Congress as soon as we can," she explained.

" I believe it's a process issue. We are late. We recognize we've missed the deadline," she added, justifying the lengthy delay.

In the daily press briefing held on Monday, June 6, 2016, Trudeau further stressed that "they're very focused, making sure it's thorough, it's accurate, it's complete. There's a number of sources they're pulling from, and I'm told that they have every commitment to get it to Congress soon."

Trudeau; however, refused to give a specific date when asked when the report is expected to be submitted to the Congress: "I can't speak to when it will be. I am told soon, and I'm not told what "soon" means. We have a commitment to get it to Congress as soon as we can."

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