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Bahrain Opposition Leader Responds to Sentence: It's a Political Ruling, We'll Only Grow More Determined

2016-06-03 - 3:02 am

Bahrain Mirror: The leader of the opposition in Bahrain and Secretary-General of Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Ali Salman, in response to the appeals court ruling, toughening his prison sentence to nine years, said that the "judiciary in Bahrain is a tool in the hands of the authorities, with which they punish political dissidents."

In his statement issued from Jaw Central Prison, Sheikh Salman further stated that "these sentences will not hold us back from demanding our rights and will only make us grow more determined on achieving them," stressing on his adherence to the just popular demands, calling for a democratic transition.

The Al-Wefaq head reiterated his commitment to continued peaceful activism in calling for the people's legitimate rights, adding that the people of Bahrain have the right to demand their rights and have an elected government that represents their will.

Sheikh Salman deemed the ruling "an unjust and political sentence," accusing the judiciary in Bahrain of being a tool in the hands of the authorities used to punish peaceful dissidents calling for freedom and democracy.

The opposition leader further called on the Bahraini people to steer clear from violence and "not be provoked by the authorities' violence," stressing that his case and sentence "sheds the light on the all other arbitrary sentences and proves that there is a political crisis," in the island kingdom.

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