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Bahrain Foreign Ministry: Al-Wefaq S-G "Incited Violence against Police"

2016-06-02 - 8:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the sentence handed down to Sheikh Ali Salman "came after convicting him of giving hate speeches and inciting violence against Bahraini police publicly."

It claimed in a statement that the charges were not at all related to any political views, as the right to freedom of expression is clearly enshrined in Bahrain's constitution and guaranteed by the Bahraini law.

"The defendant's sentencing followed a full, independent and transparent trial, attended by numerous observers, including representatives from foreign embassies and NGOs," it added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged all parties to respect the integrity and independence of the judiciary, noting that "the defendant has the right to appeal the sentence in accordance with due process as guaranteed by the criminal justice laws in the Kingdom."

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