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Washington Demands Release of Sheikh Ali Salman, Says Ruling Doesn’t Foster Reconciliation

2016-06-01 - 8:42 p

Bahrain Mirror: The United States urged the government of Bahrain to drop the charges against Sheikh Ali Salman and release him, expressing its deep concern over the 9-year jail term issued by the court of appeals against the opposition leader.

John Kirby, U.S Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and Department Spokesperson, said on Tuesday (May 31, 2016) that the US is deeply concerned by the sentencing of Secretary General of Al Wefaq Society, Sheikh Ali Salman, to 9 years in prison on charges of public incitement and hatred.

"We understand now that an appeal may be available in this case and we strongly urge the government of Bahrain to abide by its international obligations to respect and protect freedom of expression, to reject these charges against Sheikh Ali Salman and to release him," he further stated.

"Opposition groups that peacefully voice criticism of the government enable the development of inclusive pluralistic states and societies," stressed Kirby.

"We do not believe that yesterday's decision helps foster a reconciliation in Bahrain and we urge all in Bahrain to take the concrete steps necessary and needed to build confidence and to create a climate where meaningful reconciliation is possible".



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