VIDEO: Bahraini “Al-Fadala” Incites Violence from Kuwait: Attack Critics of “Decisive Storm”

2016-03-29 - 9:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: Member of Al-Menbar Islamic Society (Muslim Brotherhood) Nasser Al-Fadala called for using violence against critics of Saudi war on Yemen.

In a seminar held in Kuwait's Kevan area, marking the first anniversary of the launch of the Saudi Decisive Storm campaign, he said: "Crowds should go out and violently assault anyone who [verbally] attacks the Decisive Storm in any Gulf state."

"Where have we reached in overlooking these people? [...] There are ideas, yet they need crowds [to be executed]," stressed former Bahraini Member of Parliament Al-Fadala.

He further stated, according to a video: "These people should rise up and support their countries. Theses countries at times may be exposed to foreign pressures, yet they can stand strong if their people take a one-man stance."

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