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2015-09-17 - 4:58 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Mirror published "The Field's Outcome" book documenting the political incidents that took place in Bahrain during 2014.

The book's introduction, the 4th part of a series that Bahrain Mirror started publishing since 2011, read "In the outcomes of the fourth year, we put in your hands the uprising's timeline in both its big and small details that recount the story of this conflict."

The book published in both, Arabic and English, is a tour through the most significant events of 2014. It also includes the full political timeline of incidents, statements and protest activities that took place in 2014 and that Bahrain Mirror monitored and documented.

The book, in particular, talked about Al-Wefaq's Secretary-General, Sheikh Ali Salman, whose arrest was one of the most important incidents concluding 2014.

In this regards, the book's introduction said: "2014 started in Bahrain with a photo joining the Crown Prince with Al-Wefaq's Secretary-General, Sheikh Ali Salman. The headline was holding talks to revive conciliation and dialogue. The Crown Prince kept on reiterating the same words; this meeting is an initiative made by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The year ended with an initiative too. No one; however adopted this initiative, which was the arrest of Sheikh Ali Salman."

According to the book's introduction, these two incidents "summarized the year. With Sheikh Ali Salman being an indication to find out a solution to the Bahraini Crisis, his arrest puts an end to the solution. His meeting with the crown prince is the clearest indication to the solution."

It is noteworthy that "The Field's Outcomes" is the third book published by Bahrain Mirror within the framework of its book publications plan of 2015. It also published "ISIS Are Among Us...The Bahraini Government and the Rise of Jihadi Islam" at the onset of September, in addition to "The Bahraini Judiciary: Terrorist Pretexts Versus Democratic Demands" that was published in May 2015.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has recently added "The Field's Outcomes" series to its electronic library.

The book comprises of two parts: "The Uprising's Memory" and "The Uprising's Fields". The first part included: Bahrain and Malinoski, Return of Nabeel Rajab from and to Prison, From Trial in Britain to Triathlon Race, Al-Diah Blast and Killing of Emirati Officer, Pakistan, the King and the Naturalized, Officer Scandal, The Martyr Al-Abbar: 80 Days in the Morgue, Gamma and Hacking of Bahraini Government, South Korea and Tear Gas Cargo, Bahrainis in leadership of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), End of Dialogue with the Crown Prince, Failure of Parliamentary Elections, Return of the British Colonizer, Raid of Shiekh Isa Qassem's House, Sheikh Ali Salman: From Dialogue to Prison.

The second part included the following subjects: Martyrs, International Indications in 2014, the Creative 14 February Uprising Productions, Bahrain in International Research Centers, Bahraini Voices in International Forums and Geneva Battles.

As for the English part, it contained the following chapters "After The Sheikhs" Arabic edition introduction, Christopher Davidson interview: By 2018, there will be significant changes, Wave of hostility towards Britain escalates after Al-Wefaq leader's arrest, Iain Lindsay: "I am Charles Belgrave!", Important Document: Jordanian policemen costing Bahrain millions, Muharraq extremist group recruits school students, Nabeel Rajab reveals correspondences with regime before February 14,  Inside Nabeel Rajab's mind: Bahrain involved in embracing ISIS, Official newspaper's anti-Shiite insult exception or part of campaign?, Naturalized citizens replace boycotters in voters list, Bahrain's children: Regime opponents behind bars, Detained children: Back to Jail on first school day, REDRESS: Evidence of torture and abuse in Bahrain, Hussain Hubail captures toxic gas images: now ill-treated in prison, and Nabeel Rajab reveals: Police tortured Ali Haroun.

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