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Opposition Requests Meeting with Bassiouni: Most BICI Recommendations Weren’t Implemented

2016-05-11 - 4:38 p

The national opposition democratic forces stressed that most of the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), issued on November 23, 2011, were not implemented.

They further stated that one of the BICI recommendations called for the establishment of a joint commission between the government and opposition to follow up and implement the recommendations. This commission; however, was established one-sidedly and its outcomes were announced within a few weeks. The government claimed that it implemented all the recommendations yet the violations, torture, raids and extrajudicial killings are still ongoing. The opposition also stressed that the number of prisoners arrested over the political crisis exceeded 3 thousand, which proves that the crisis is still worsening.

The opposition forces added that the institutions that the BICI demanded to be established were only namely established; they do not perform the tasks they are assigned to and lack independence, as they are linked to the executive authority. They also noted that the training programs of the judiciary, public prosecution and police did not yield positive outcomes due to the harsh sentences and systematic torture that continue to be practiced.

The opposition highlighted that the citizens' cases whose citizenships were revoked illegally do not conform with international conventions, particularly article 15 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights: (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

They further stated that the decree discussed by the Parliament that prevents those stripped of their citizenships from the services of housing, education, health and pension savings reveal a retaliatory policy exercised against anyone who opposes state authorities.

The opposition forces also called on the authorities to refer to the BICI recommendations and begin implementing them as mentioned in the report and not as promoted by the public media. They considered what was published by BNA regarding the full implementation of BICI's recommendations a part of a PR campaign to enhance Bahrain's reputation. They stressed that the country is still suffering from a political, economic, security and human rights crisis, adding that if the government had implemented all the recommendations, the country would have avoided many adverse consequences and victims.    

The opposition lastly requesting meeting with Professor Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni, head of Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, who paid Bahrain a visit, to inform him about the the national opposition parties' stance, regarding the implementation of the BICI recommendations.

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