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On World Press Freedom Day: Bahrain 19 Makes Call to Stop Targeting Freedom of Expression

2016-05-04 - 10:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain 19, a group concerned with defending freedom of opinion and expression, called on the Bahraini authorities to "release all the media persons, photographers, bloggers and online activists who were arrested over practicing freedom of opinion and expression, drop all the criminal charges against them and guarantee media freedoms, since these acts have contributed to deteriorating Bahraini press worldwide."

Bahrain 19 reiterated in a statement on the World Press Freedom Day its demand to issue "a modern law for press, publications and disseminations that protects journalists from imprisonment and harassment and goes in line with international laws and with Bahrain's international human rights commitments." The group also called on the authorities to "stop blocking websites through administrative decrees."

"We demand a law that regulates legal cloaking. We also need the authorities to pass a legislation for freedom to reach information, pass a law for e-journalism, allow the private sector to work in the radio and television sector and review all the legislations concerning the media, eliminating any law legislation or article that would violate or restrict freedoms" the group added.

Bahrain 19 concluded its statement by saluting "the media persons, bloggers and online activists inside and outside Bahrain; who carried on their work despite the risks, harassment, restrictions and surveillance they were subjected to constantly to make the free word reach the people and give a voice to the people."

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