Public Prosecution: 3 Bahrainis Sentenced to Life in Prison over Bomb that Injured Policeman in Shakhoura

2016-04-29 - 2:21 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Public Prosecution stated that the fourth high criminal court issued its sentence on April 27, 2016 against three suspects accused of detonating a bomb that injured a policeman, acquiring explosives and destroying two vehicles owned by the police. The court sentenced the three defendants to life-imprisonment, fining them 3340100 BD for the damages.

The authorities say that on January 10, 2015, while the policemen were on duty in Shakhoura, they saw a fire in a trash container. Meanwhile, the suspects attacked the police using Molotov cocktails, metal rods and stones. As the police were dealing with the suspects, a bomb which the suspects had planted exploded, injuring a policeman and damaging two Ministry of Interior patrol members.

The prosecution said it relied on hearsay and technical evidence, referred all the detained suspects to the fourth high criminal court and ordered the arrest of the remaining fugitive suspects.

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