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Bahrainís Cabinet: Views of Govít. Employees on Twitter do not Reflect that of Government

2016-04-28 - 3:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's cabinet announced that social media accounts of state employees working in the government only reflect their own personal views and do not, in any way, reflect the governmental bodies they work for.

The cabinet added in a statement following the weekly meeting that "The accounts do not, in any way, reflect the policies of the government which has enough officials and means to express its opinions and show its visions, and that the official statements issued by the government on issues of interest to the public opinion should be considered the only reference to the government's view."

The cabinet requested the Civil Service Bureau to put forward the rules that regulate the administrative responsibility for that issue, calling on the media to be accurate and seek government-related information from official sources and not rely on individual statements that represent only those who make them.

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