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Salafist Al-Asalah Group Expresses Readiness to Back Bahraini Military by "Opening Door for Jihad"

2016-04-21 - 3:32 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Salafist Al-Asalah Society stated that it is ready to "open the door of Jihad" to back the Bahraini military which expressed its readiness to confront protestors, whom it accused of attacking police patrols.

Al-Asalah voiced its complete support for the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) statement that it described as historic. "The honorable Bahraini people are fully ready to answer the call of religious and national duty, defend the country and open the door of Jihad to back the Bahrain Defense Force and its brave men in eradicating the forts of evil and terrorism," it further stressed.

Al-Asalah Society, on behalf of his head Abdulhalim Murad, also called for "hitting the masterminds of sedition and terrorism with the firm grip of the law, for one cannot stand silent anymore and watch more precious and pure blood being shed by a bunch of traitors and conspirators."

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