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Al-Mohafdha Tells Tagesspiegel F1 Race Organizers Help Bahrain Cover up HR Violations

2016-04-08 - 4:23 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The deputy president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), Yousif Al-Mohafdha stressed that the Formula One drivers  and  organizers of the race might not be aware that they are helping the Bahraini regime cover up human rights abuses and violations of freedom of expression.

Al-Mohafdha told the German newspaper, Tagesspiegel, that the Bahraini authorities launched "in the past years a brutal crackdown against protestors in order to secure the race," noting that the number of arrests significantly increases during the month ahead of the race, in comparison to other months of the year.

"The majority of arrests are made illegally [...] and protestors are usually brutally tortured during and following arrest," he added.

Al-Mohafdha also mentioned the arrests of bother Rayhana Al-Musawi and Nafisa Al-Asfoor, who were protesting near the race circuit, stressing that they were arrested, and then beaten and tortured to extract confessions, which were later used against them in court.

Al-Mohafdha further stated that the Formula 1 and International Automobile Federation (FIA) are aiding the Bahraini regime by allowing it to host the Grand Prix and standing silent towards many human rights violations it commits.

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