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Christians & Sunnis among Lebanese Families Deported from Bahrain

2016-03-18 - 12:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: A source following the cases of the 10 Lebanese families who the Bahraini authorities ordered to leave the country said that there are Sunni and Christian families among the 10 families.

It also stated that there are concerns raised among the Lebanese community residing in Bahrain that other families will face a similar fate.

Ten Lebanese families departed from the island kingdom after the authorities gave them 48 hours to leave. This step comes as part a retaliatory campaign launched by the Gulf States against the Lebanese workforce in these states over Hezbollah's stance against the war on Yemen and aggravation of conflicts in the region.

The Bahraini authorities did not bring forth any charges against the families. They; however, asked the families to quickly leave the country.

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