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Bahraini FM: Efforts Made to Amend "Terrorism" Law to Include Hezbollah & Add it to International Terrorist Blacklists

2016-03-08 - 2:08 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs, Khalid bin Ahmad bin Mohammad Al Khalifa, revealed that there are efforts being made to add Hezbollah to international terrorist blacklists.

In a response to a parliamentary question, he said that their are endeavors "to amend the Protection of the Community Against Terrorist Acts Law in order to prepare a list of terrorist organizations and add Hezbollah to it."

"We are working on making a local list of terrorist organizations and members affiliated to these groups, and adding Hezbollah to this list, monitoring its funding, and banning any business with institutions linked to it, with the cooperation of a number of parties."

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