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Al-Hammadi's "Finger" to Nasser bin Hamad Costed him his Job

2016-03-05 - 2:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa dismissed on Friday (March 4, 2016) the Minister of Information Affairs and Minister of Parliament Affairs Isa Al-Hammadi from all his duties and appointed two ministers in his place.

This royal step wasn't shocking as a picture was circulated on social media, which Al-Hammadi had sent to a Whatsapp chat group, including Information Affairs Authority officials. The picture shows a rude sign given to a sports event sponsored by the king's son Nasser bin Hamad, entitled "Go Sports".

An account with an alias posted the story behind the picture on Twitter, stating that "the minister along with a group of friends were riding bicycles through the streets of Bahrain, when they saw the "Go Sports" event name printed on the ground, so they took a picture of them giving the middle finger (a rude sign) while showing the name of the event that is sponsored by the king's son Nasser bin Hamad."

The circulated photo shows that Al-Hammadi himself replaced the Whatsapp chat group profile picture from "Here is Bahrain" with the insulting picture.

Mocking the "former" minister that hasn't yet commented on the issue, Tweeters launched #Shame_on_you_minister and #The_Chubby_Finger hashtags.



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