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Dry Dock Prison Hunger Strikers’ Health Deteriorates & Officers Threaten to Stop Strike by Force

2016-03-04 - 9:34 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Detainees at Bahrain's Dry Dock Prison (Pretrial Detention) revealed that prison officers threatened to use force to stop the collective hunger strike, which the prisoners have launched demanding that the abuses practiced by prison authorities against them be put to an end and the glass barrier in the visitation center be removed.

The prisoners told Bahrain Mirror that the prison authorities retaliate against them and treat them with neglect, as they have, in order to end the strike, delayed treating the ill strikers and those who have repeatedly fainted.

The families of the detainees pointed out that the authorities banned any calls to a number of prisoners on strike as a punishment. They also took retaliatory measures against cell block 10 by locking the cells and telling the detainees that they will be distributed to other cell blocks.

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