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Mr. Hasan Mushaima' Dares Authorities to Air Details of his Interrogation

2016-03-02 - 2:47 am

Bahrain Mirror: Haq Movement reported that its Secretary-General Mr. Hasan Mushaima' said: "The video clips, which were taken out of context, and aired on the Saudi-funded Al-Arabiya channel reflects how low the regime would stoop, since it used all its bag of tricks."

The opposition figure dared the authorities to air "the details of the footage and interrogation which exposes them and shows how fair our cause is, yet those who have no honor cannot but be deceitful.

"I promised myself since I was a prisoner in the 1990s to remain loyal to my principles by servicing the people and achieving Allah's content and I shall never stray astray from this path [...] My will in still strong even if I may look frail, for that is the effect of torture I have suffered from at the hands of heartless beasts," he added.

Mushaima' further stated that his conscience is clear and he is content and shall not fear dying for the sake of the truth, "I even hope I will die such a death. I stand by my people in their struggle and rebellion against tyranny. I reiterate my call for hanging on to hope and faith of achieving victory," he stressed.

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