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Dry Dock Prisoners Call on Int’l Organizations to Consider their Hunger Strike Demands

2016-02-29 - 11:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sources from inside Central Jaw Prison announced an appeal to international human rights organizations for taking into consideration the demands made by prisoners on hunger strikes, as they have been on hunger strike since 10 days amid an increase of fainting cases among them.

Al-Wafa Islamic Party stressed in a statement that the situation in Dry Dock Prison has become so dangerous after information revealed that a number of inmates, who are on hunger strike, are fainting one after another.

The negotiations that took place between the prison's administration and prisoners did not lead to any progress, as inmates are still continuing their hunger strike demanding the removal of the "inhumane" glass barrier in the visitation center. Meanwhile, the prison's administration is ordering them to end their strike first. The detainees; however, refused and carried on their hunger strike.

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