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Detainee Mohammad Fakhrawi Begins Open Hunger Strike in Dry Dock Prison

2016-02-25 - 1:02 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Detainee Mohammad Fakhrawi has started an open hunger strike protesting against the new human rights violations committed against the detainees in Dry Dock Prison.

Dry Dock prisoners have already addressed the prison's administration demanding it to remove the glass barrier that separates the prisoners from their families during visits. The authorities; however, took a provocative step by putting phones in the visitation cabinets and filling the holes in the glass barriers.

It is to note that detainee Mohammad Fakhrawi is accused, according to the Ministry of Interior, of joining the "Al-Basta Group" which the authorities claim is a terrorist group. Fakhrawi has three children; Karim, Nour and Fatima.

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