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Bahrain Supports Saudi Decision to Halt Lebanese Army Aid.. Hezbollah Accuses it of Sponsoring Terrorism

2016-02-21 - 2:20 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain announced on Friday (February 19, 2016) that it backs the Saudi decision to stop sending military aid to the Lebanese army and security forces, over "the repeated official Lebanese stances that go against the Arab interests," according to a statement issued by the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Lebanese government had decided to take neutral stances with regards to the events taking place in the region to reduce the internal political crises, yet Saudi Arabia wants Lebanon to openly support its policies to guarantee receiving aid from the Gulf kingdom.

For its part, Lebanon's Hezbollah said that the Saudi decision didn't shock anyone in Lebanon at all. The party further stressed that "the Saudi decision reveals once again its false claims of countering terrorism, including which was supposedly supporting the Lebanese military."

Hezbollah also noted in a statement issued on Friday that "this decision reflects the real Saudi stance which is sponsoring, arming and funding terrorism as well as causing sedition and problems wherever it may be across the Arab and Islamic world."



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