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BCHR: 21 Peaceful Protests & 5 Arrests Reported on Thursday

2016-02-14 - 4:30 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) recorded on Thursday (February 11, 2016) 21 peaceful protests staged in 21 villages across Bahrain, highlighting that security forces cracked down on two of the protests.

In a statistical report, BCHR said that the authorities deployed checkpoints in 15 villages where protests are expected to be staged on the eve of the 5th anniversary of the uprising.  

BCHR further stated that the authorities arrested 5 citizens "Sayed Mohammad Sayed Jaber from Sitra at a checkpoint, child Mohammad Hani Abdulhassan Asfour from Ras Raman by a civil patrol passing through the area, Jaafar Al-Majed from Eskan A'ali at King Fahd Causeway, Ali Khalil from Karana in a house raid and Ali Al-Ekri from Al-Diah, stressing that there were more arrests cases which have not yet been confirmed.

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