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Bahrain King Grants Soldiers who Joined War on Yemen Medals of Honor

2016-02-10 - 2:45 am

Bahrain  Mirror: The King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa received a number of military officers and soldiers who returned to Bahrain after taking part in the war on Yemen at the Al-Sakhir Air Base, and granted them medals of honor.

The king praised the troops who participated in the war on Yemen which he described as a "supreme mission," claiming that "the courageous Bahrain Defense Force military men accomplished heroic acts and great victories with high spirit and competence."

King Hamad further expressed how proud he is of all of them, and grateful of "the significant and continued participation of the Bahrain Defense Force in operation ‘Decisive Storm and Restoring Hope' hand in hand with their brothers in the Saudi-led joint Arab coalition forces"

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