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Bahrain Uses Interpol to Pursue Political Dissenters

2016-02-10 - 12:13 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Chief of Bahrain's Public Security Tariq Al-Hassan said that the Interior Ministry circulated red notices including names of citizens it described as "fugitives involved in terrorist and criminal cases". They are; however, a group of activists and regime opponents.

"All legal measure have been taken against these criminals and terrorists and the other party (Interpol) shall work on the process of returning them in case of arrest," Al-Hassan told the local state-owned Al-Watan newspaper. He further expressed hope to cooperate with other parties to apprehend these criminals at large.

The paper also quoted the General Director of Bahrain's Criminal Investigation who said that the "Interpol issued an arrest warrant against the anti-government Bahrain Freedom Movement leader in London Dr. Saeed Al-Shahabi, Hassan Mushaima', Abdulraouf Al-Shayeb, and the prominent blogger Ali Abdulemam who is accused of joining a terrorist group."

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