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Appeals Court Upholds 3-Month Prison Term against Photographer Ahmed Al-Fardan over “Assembly”

2016-02-04 - 11:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's court of Appeals upheld a 3-month jail sentence against Photographer Ahmed Al-Fardan over joining assembly. Al-Fardan; however, has already denied this charge before the court.

The Third Minor Criminal Court, presided over by Jaber Al-Jazzar and Hussein Hammad as secretariat, sentenced Al-Fardan on February 17, 2015 to three months in prison and set 100 BD as bail for halting execution of charges.

Al-Fardan complained before the judge of being subjected to torture while in detention, stressing that he was doing his job as a photographer for the Italian "Noor Photo" agency.

It is noteworthy that Al-Fardan has spent 15 days in prison before his release. This means that the remainder of his sentence is two and a half months.

The photographer has received 105 international prizes in photography competitions by the International Federation of Photographic Art and American Photography Association. He won second place in IFEX in its Impunity Exposed photo contest and first place in the "Front Line" organization.

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