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Parliament Secretariat: Salary Deduction of MPs who Boycotted Previous Session "Legal"

2016-01-23 - 11:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: The General Secretariat of Bahrain's Parliament issued a clarifying statement regarding what was published in the newspapers and media about "the deduction of the MPs salaries because of their absence during sessions" in which it emphasized that regulations allow the deduction in case of absence without an excuse.

A number of MPs boycotted the previous session protesting the government's decision to raise gasoline prices without referring to the parliament, which led to a lack of quorum and thus the session was not held.

"Article (49) of the internal regulation stated that "if there was a lack of quorum for two consecutive sessions, the session is considered to be valid, with the presence of a quarter of the members at least", the secretariat stressed.

The Secretariat further stated that "not entering the hall of parliament meetings is considered as a an absence, which allows the chairman, legally, to deduct from the MP's salaries based on the provisions of Article (191) of the internal regulation."

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