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Al-Wefaq: Majeed Miladís Place Is Outside Prison..Detainees Await Educational Opportunities

2016-01-21 - 8:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's main opposition group, Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the achievement of its senior member, the former Head of the Capital Municipal Council and the opposition representative in the national dialogue Majeed Milad, in attaining a Master's degree with distinction emphasizes that he is a model the nation is proud of, and that his normal place is not in prison.

Al-Wefaq explained that if Milad and other detainees were put in their right places, their efforts will produce creativity, innovation and excellence. Our nation is in serious need for their accomplishments, especially amid this critical situation, as the policies of exclusion, intimidation and punishment over expressing opinions critical of the authorities must be put to an end.

It further mentioned that Milad finished his Master's studies and the preparation of his thesis before his arrest. The discussion of his thesis inside prison was accomplished after great efforts and follow ups by his family and lawyers who went through complicated procedures, even during the 24 hours leading to the scheduled discussion date.

Al-Wefaq stressed that releasing Milad and all the Bahraini prisoners of conscience is a natural right, as well as their right to be allowed the opportunity to complete their education of different levels. It further explained that a large number of detainees were either registered in a university or highschool, thus, enabling them to finish their studies is an inherent right.

Al-Wefaq insisted that  there is a large group of political detainees waiting to be provided with educational opportunities. They are eager to learn and have great potentials to succeed and excel.

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