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Larijani: Saudi Arabia Failed to Control Bahrain & Syria through Military Operations

2016-01-13 - 2:33 am

Bahrain Mirror: Iran's Parliament (Shura Council) Speaker Ali Larijani stressed that "Saudi Arabia failed to take control of Syria and Bahrain through military operations," explaining that "the Saudi regime expected it can dominate Syria and Bahrain through military movements. It; however, failed, and so it failed in Yemen as well due to its miscalculations."

"The Saudi regime is committing strategic mistakes in order to erase the bad impression it made for itself in the region by adopting forward escape policies, he added, stating that "Saudi Arabia is seeking to change the impression regional countries have about it that is supporting terrorist groups."

"The Saudi regime backed the terrorists in Syria and destroyed infrastructures in Yemen without achieving any gains for itself," Larijani pointed out.

He went on to say that "Iran did not interfere in any country's affairs," stressing that "Iran's presence in Iraq was to help Iraqis in their war against the so-called terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) that was backed by Saudi Arabia to kill Iraqis."

"Saudi Arabia is working on exhausting the powers of Muslims strengths so that every Muslim country would use its potentials to exclude another Muslim country, thus promoting the interests of the Zionist entity," he further stated.

"Iran's rejection of this policy is not considered an interference in the affairs of countries and Saudi Arabia should stop having this illusion," Larijani concluded.

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