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Bahrain Accuses Al-Wasat Journalist Al-Jaziri of Affiliation to "Al-Wafa" Party & Writing Feb 14 Coalition Statements

2016-01-06 - 12:02 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Security authorities in Bahrain raised against journalist Mahmoud Al-Jaziri (27 years old) charges of affiliation to the "Al-Wafa Islamic Party" and writing the political statements issued by the February 14 Youth Coalition.

Based on what writer Zainab Abdulnabi posted on her Facebook page, the Bahraini authorities also accused her cousin, Al-Jaziri, of funding terrorism, inciting hatred against the regime, contacting a foreign country and giving it information, and calling for the overthrow of the regime.

According to journalist sources, Al-Jaziri was referred to the Terrorist Crimes Prosecution on Monday (January 4, 2015) where he was interrogated about the charges raised against him. He; however, denied all the charges and the sources described them as "false accusations".

Al-Wasat newspaper journalist Al-Jaziri was arrested unexpectedly on Monday morning (December 28, 2015) from his house, a day after MP Fatima Al-Kooheji called for withdrawing housing units from the families of Bahrainis stripped of their nationalities during a Shura council session, provoking widespread reactions.

Al-Wafa party is a non official licensed political opposition group  established in 2009 that was led by the prominent dissenter Abdulwahab, who is serving a life sentence in prison over charges of leading the February 14 protests, calling for the overthrow of the regime and demanding the establishment of a republic. He was charged in what was known as the 14 figures case.

Meanwhile, February 14 Coalition, a revolutionary opposition force, was established after the Pearl Roundabout protests ended. The coalition has organized many anti-regime political protests during the past few years.

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