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Bahrain Announces Arresting Protesters & Denouncers of Al-Nimr Execution on Social Media

2016-01-05 - 5:10 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Interior said in a statement issued on Sunday (January 3, 2016) that it arrested a number of participants in the protests that Bahrain witnessed condemning the Saudi regime's execution of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr.

It stated that it seized those who misused social media outlets, took legal actions against them, and summoned the parents of juveniles.

The Interior Ministry warned their parents of subjecting them to legal punishment; "imprisonment for not less than a year, and a fine not exceeding 2,000 dinars, or one of these two penalties" if the violations are to be repeated.

The ministry had issued a statement on Saturday, in which it warned of legal actions against whoever negatively deals with the Saudi implementation of death sentences.

It also used force to disperse angry demonstrators across Bahrain condemning the execution of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr who expressed his support for the ongoing popular protests in Bahrain since 5 years ago.

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