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Bahraini Clerics Condemn Al-Nimr’s Execution & Hold Saudi Authorities Responsible for Consequences

2016-01-05 - 5:06 am

Bahrain Mirror: A statement issued by Bahraini Clerics on Sunday (January 3, 2016) condemned the Saudi regime's execution of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr, stressing that sentences like these will not silence free voices.

"At this difficult time the region is experiencing and amid this situation that compels every person concerned for the Islamic nation and its countries to respond to the voice of reason and religion. The pace of death sentences is increasing, warning of dangerous future that any lover of his homeland and nation doesn't wish to happen", read the statement.

"It is a wrong decision and step in the unknown to have politics lean towards tightening the sentences against the opponents of its policies to reach death sentences and life imprisonments, as is the case in Bahrain", it further said.

"It is utter illusion to think that this will silence the people or suppress one of its free voices demanding rights and reform by peaceful means", added the statement, wondering "what Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr's crime was? For what fault was he killed? Did he kill anybody or practice terrorism or even call for it? Did he call for corruption or practice it?".

The statement stressed that Al-Nimr called for reform by peaceful means, and rejected violence publicly in words and actions, as all of his statements and attitudes testify.

"We denounce and condemn the killing of innocent lives and hold the authorities responsible for it and all its consequences".

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