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Wa’ad Calls for Serious Dialogue to End Crisis

2015-12-04 - 12:17 am

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" said that adhering to the security solution has led Bahrain to the crisis it is witnessing now, stressing that it is time to enter in the political solution that makes the country avoid the consequences of the crisis emerging from inside Bahrain and the crisis the region is facing, manifested in the wars in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, in addition to the terrorist threat that is hitting neighboring countries.

On the 39th anniversary of the martyrdom of Muhammed Bucheeri and Saeed Al-Owainati, the society said that the solution for the political crisis can be established by an initiative by the regime to gather on a real dialogue table with all factions of political activism, especially the opposition national democratic forces, start releasing all prisoners of opinion and conscience, including leaders and political figures, and begin releasing detained women, children and school and university students as well as allow them to resume their studies.

Wa'ad also considered that the attempts to pin the blame of the crisis on the political opposition is only a way to flee forward and an attempt to evade the natural entitlements of this period which require courageous and serious decisions in order to protect civil peace and social stability.

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