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Bahrain Observatory Calls for Stopping State Violence against Bahraini Women

2015-12-03 - 1:32 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Human Rights Observatory (BHRO) called on the Bahraini authorities to put a clear strategy that counters and prevents state violence against women in Bahrain.

As the government celebrates the Bahraini Women's Day (December 1, 2015), BHRO demanded putting an end to the violence practiced against women due to their participation in the rights movement calling for a better future.

Praising the efforts exerted to stop domestic violence, BHRO saw that the ongoing arrests of women and imprisoning them for political reasons will not serve the bigger Bahraini family. Their ongoing dismissals of women for the same reasons will also lead to the same result, besides masked discrimination practiced against women, which is not incriminating according to the law, added the observatory.

It further called for "achieving equality for women, releasing all female prisoners, returning all dismissed women to their jobs and putting a clear strategy that puts an end to the violations against women, in addition to respecting the rights of women and children whose fathers'/husbands' citizenships have been revoked."

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