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Al-Demistani: Members in Alba Had Bad Stance in 2011 Still Preventing Return of Dismissed Employees

2015-11-28 - 10:56 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The former Chief of Alba Union and Secretary-General of the (dismissed) Bahraini Nursing Society, Ibrahim Al-Demistani, said that some parties in the Aluminum Bahrain Company (ALBA) had a bad stance during the emergency law period in 2011 and are still playing the same role as being an obstacle, preventing the return of employees who were dismissed over the 2011 events to their jobs. It is a matter of retaliating against some trade unionists.

Al-Demistani expressed his bewilderment to Bahrain Mirror over what he called a "delay in implementing the Tripartite Agreement that was signed a year and a half ago," pointing out to the lack of "seriousness on the part of the government and Alba administration." "What increases our dissatisfaction is differentiating between the dismissed groups although they were all dismissed for the same reason," he added.

Al-Demistani criticized including the names of the dismissed employees who received judicial sentences, considering it a "bad move for the purpose of throwing dust in the eyes and withdrawing the complaint of the International Labor Organization, as none of the dismissed who received judicial sentences returned to their jobs."

"All of the dismissed have to be equally returned to their jobs. It is not acceptable to punish the sentenced employees who served their sentences for the rest of their lives and keep them dismissed," Al-Demistani added.

As for the choices they have, he stressed that "they are many. However, we decided to remain silent in this period in order to give a chance to the competent parties to hold talks. We are waiting for a wise decision in this regards; yet, we will not hesitate to resort to international organizations and parties if matters remain the same."

Al-Demistani hoped that officials have a "humane and national sense", as all the decisions taken against the dismissed relied on rumors emerged during a critical period.

He further urged that the coming meetings be "serious, not aim for the public relations and media," highlighting the importance of the company's initiative to contact the dismissed, adding that "Alba tried to dismiss 50 employees within the last period; however, the case was solved within a couple of days. I don't think that solving the issue of 11 citizens will be difficult for the company." He wished luck "to those who exert pressure to find a solution for the dismissed," adding that "we will contact anyone who takes our case seriously."

In the same context, he was surprised to see his name in a news piece published in the Al-Bilad newspaper, explaining that "according to the information we have, the meeting was held between the chief of the union and chairman of the company's board of directors. No one knew the content of the meeting held between the two parties. It seems that the person who told the newspaper this was trying to create some confusion among the dismissed."

Al-Demistani concluded by saying that the under-secretary of the Labour Ministry, Mohammed Al-Ansari "affirmed that even if judicial decisions were taken against us, the ministry is committed to providing us with jobs. However, it seems that his suggestion was not real until now, as the government owns more than 75% of the company's shares. If he was serious, we would have returned to our jobs, especially that the Tripartite Agreement has been signed since more than a year and a half ago."

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