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Bahrain’s Interior Minister: We Faced “Creative Chaos” in 2011 & London Still Base for Agitators

2015-11-27 - 3:18 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa said that "London is being used as an external base for terrorist activity and incitement in Bahrain," adding that "despite the increasing threats we are facing, we now have a more experienced and better trained police force which has boosted our citizens' trust in our security capabilities."

The minister claimed in his speech before the Bahrain-British Friendship Society in London that ‘Terrorism" has become more organized, saying that "contrary to the ‘creative chaos' we witnessed in 2011, recent years have witnessed a change in countering more organized terrorism," citing a number of relevant cases in this regards such as seizing of military arms being smuggled from Iran, including C4 and Iranian weapons. "We are still facing anti-Bahrain propaganda by Iranian-backed media organizations," he added.

He further stated that Bahrain "needs to address an important problem; use of children by extremists and the negative effect on our youth via social media. I am deeply concerned about how to protect our youth, both from extremism and political violence, and from crime in general, including use of drugs. Extremism is a growing threat to all of us, not just young people. Whether it is religious extremism, which hijacks our faith for political goals or ideological extremism, which aims to overturn the established political order, there is no doubt that extremism is the root of today's terrorism."

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