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On the Universal Children's Day: 100 Children Arrested in November to Date

2015-11-25 - 1:17 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain Human Rights Observatory demanded the Bahraini authorities to release the detained children whose number has reached 347 to date and to reinstate the citizenships of all the children which were revoked after the issuance of harsh sentences against their fathers.

In a statement issued on Friday (November 20, 2015) on the occasion of Universal Children's Day, the observatory called for guaranteeing education and medical and psychological treatment for all the detained children. It also urged drawing plans and programs to develop the judiciary personnel, executive authorities, social centers and all institutions concerned in the situation of children, besides issuing a code for child rights.

"Many Bahraini children have been living a painful reality in prisons since 2011 due to the continuous repression and violations of children's rights by verbal, physical and psychological torture. They are being subjected to arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, arrested and humiliated in a way that contradicts with all international conventions that recommend protecting the rights of children.

The observatory expressed its solidarity with "the general cases of children and the victims of children's rights violations, regionally and internationally." The observatory also expressed its deep concerns about "the deteriorating status of childhood conditions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which have registered a degradation on many levels, especially on the level of arrests, as November 2015 has witnessed the highest number of detained children that reached 100."

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