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Two Bahrainis Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison & Stripped of their Nationalities over Charges of Training with “Popular Mobilization Forces”

2015-11-11 - 1:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court sentenced on Monday (November 9, 2015) two Bahraini citizens to 10 years in prison and revoked their citizenships. The court accused them of training with the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces. Among the two suspects was student Jaafar Jassim who was arrested in Jordan.

The Attorney-General for Terror Crime Prosecution, Ahmed Al-Hammadi, said that the fourth criminal court sentenced two citizens over charges of receiving military training on the manufacture of arms and explosives in Iraq to 10 years in prison, stripped them of their citizenships and confiscated the seized objects.

The Public Prosecution stated that, in February 2015, the first suspect received training on the use of arms and explosives. He traveled to Iraq and received training in the "Popular Mobilization Forces" camp on the use and manufacture of explosives and arms in order to commit terrorist acts inside Bahrain such as bomb attacks. It also accused the second suspect of facilitating the travel procedures of the first suspect, funded him and helped him contact the members of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq to coordinate with them and receive training in their camps.

The suspects stressed that they were subjected to torture and that they were forced to make confessions that convict them although they are innocent of the charges brought against them.

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