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ISIS Announces Death of Bahraini Khalid Al-Mannai in Iraq’s Ramadi

2015-10-29 - 11:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: Supporters of the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and greater Syria (ISIS) announced the death of a Bahraini militant named Khalid Al-Mannai in Ramadi, west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. ISIS members Twitter accounts said that he was killed on Wednesday in a rocket attack launched by the United States led coalition forces.

A Bahraini militant published on his Twitter account @abdullah88_ a number of photos showing Al-Mannai in Iraq with military vehicles belonging to the terrorist organization.


He said that Al-Manai "had already been hit by 5 bullets during heavy battles in Ramadi against Rafidis (derogatory term referring to Shiites)."

"He was as a prince among his friends during the Ramadi battles before he was killed in a missile attack by the coalition forces," he added.

It is noteworthy that about 16 Bahrainis have been killed in Iraq and Syria since 2011. The authorities admitted that there are at least 100 Bahrainis fighting in the ranks of extremist organizations in both Syria and Iraq.

Sunni activists said that Khalid bin Mohammad Al-Mannai is the cousin of ISIS preacher, Turki Al-Binali, who was Al-Mannai's teacher.

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